Attorney for News and Entertainment

The Law Office of Kristin Irwin represents talent, producers and executives in TV, film, radio and digital media. The firm's services are designed to address a tremendous void in the marketplace, by providing quality, specialized representation and career consultation services, for a reasonable fee.

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From a Client

Working wth Kristin is a pleasure! She is a formidable negotiator who always leaves the opposition with a sense of dignity. Her positive energy is inspiring, and her depth of knowledge and ability to bring a sense of creativity to even the toughest contracts raises the bar for those with whom she works. Kristin is a true powerhouse who has justly earned the title "The Velvet Hammer."

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Providing the following Services:

Flat-fee contract negotiation and review;

Drafting of contracts, including corporate affiliations, literary, development, production, financing, rights acquisition, settlement, and employment agreements;

As-needed legal consultation, crisis management, conflict resolution, business and career management, strategic planning.